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… four Grierson families all have documented connections to SW Scotland, with a span of 150 – 350 years according to the various records. One representative is located in the USA, two are in England, one is in Australia. None have a direct family legend of descent from the Lag family, although one has a connecting historical claim.

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Mouswald Public School Prize Day

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The annual examination in Bible knowledge at Mouswald Public School was conducted on Friday by the Rev. Wm. Fullarton, Dalton. Mr John Wilson, Chairman of School Board, presided. There was a fair attendance of parents and others interested. At the close, Mr Fullarton expressed himself satisfied with the work done. The prizes were then distributed by Lady Grierson of Lag and Rockhall. The following is the list of prize winners:


Six years perfect attendance – Johnann Kerr.
Five years’ perfect attendance, William Paterson.
One year’s perfect attendance – John Gordon, Walter Little, Douglas Taylor, and Lizzie McWilliam. Almost perfect – Martha Paterson. James Carmichael, William Wilson, Angus McWilliam, Angus Wilson, Wm. A. Kerr, Ada V. Kerr, Lizzie Holliday, David Wilson. Tom Wyllie, Annie Little, Helen P. Wilson.

Bible prizes

l, Mamie Gass; 2, David Wilson; 3 (equal), Bella Moirs, and Wm. Anderson.
Senior I-1, Lizzie Dickson; 2, Ada V. Kerr; 3, Allan Mundell. Middle I.-I, Lizzie Holliday.
Middle II-1, Liza Muir; 2, Ada Holliday; 3 Helen P. Wilson; 4, Alice Mills.
Junior I-I, Robert Dickson; 2. David Muir; 3 (eq.), Alice Kerr and Agnes Monks.
Junior II.-I, Andrew Holliday; 2, Wm. Bell; 3 Douglas Taylor.


Mr Archd. Kerr’s prizes
1, David Wilson; 2, Angus Wilson;- 3, James Paterson.

Brrown and Polson’s prizes for baking
1, Bella Kerr: 2, Jean Mundell; :i, Molly Dickson. R

On an adjournment to the playground, a handsome flag-pole and Union Jack was presented by Sir Robert Grierson. After reading of scripture and prayer by the Rev. Andrew Angus, the flag was unfurled by Lady Grierson, amid cheers, and the song, “Sons of the Motherland,” was sung by the seniors. Colonel White addressed the children. He explained how the “Union Jack was formed from the crosses of St. George, St. Andrew and St. Patrick, and spoke of all it typified. He counselled the children to honour the flag, and to, hold unsullied the good name of their Empire, their country, and their homes, Sir Robert and Lady Grierson were cordially thanked for their handsome gift, and votes of thanks were accorded to Mr Tom Wilson, who bad superintended the erection of the pole, and to the Chairman. The singing of “God Save the King” concluded a successful function.


The children attending Mouswald Public School were entertained by Sir Robt. and Lady Grierson on Friday afternoon. Headed by a piper the children marched from the school to Breconrae where a substantial tea was served. An adjournment was afterwards made to a field on Boghead, provided by Mr John Wilson, where an excellent programme of amusements was entered upon. Swings had been erected, and these were in great demand. The boys engaged in an exciting game of football, and round games were enjoyed by the girls.

Latter a long programme of sports was gone through, and the competition in the various events, was keen and exciting. After a second supply of good things the successful competitors were presented with their prizes. On the motion of Mr Young, three hearty cheers were given to Sir Robert and Lady Grierson for their great kindness, with an extra, and specially hearty cheer for the young laird.

The children then dispersed, having spent a really enjoyable afternoon.

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