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… four Grierson families all have documented connections to SW Scotland, with a span of 150 – 350 years according to the various records. One representative is located in the USA, two are in England, one is in Australia. None have a direct family legend of descent from the Lag family, although one has a connecting historical claim.

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The Grierson Churchill Connection

Submitted by on January 19, 2011 – 10:37 pm

Winston ChurchillWinston Leonard Spencer Churchill British Prime Minister; described as the “most indispensable man of 20th century”; Knight of the Garter; Nobel Literature laureate born at Blenheim Palace: 30 Nov 1874 died: 24 Jan 1965 was the 8th great grandson of Sir Robert Grierson of Lag c 1595 – 1654.

Sir Robert Grierson of Lag was the son of Sir William Grierson 9th of Lag and Nicola Maxwell. Sir Robert was born circa 1595 and died about 1654; he held the office of Member of Parliament for Dumfriesshire between 1628 and 1648. In April 1622 he married Margaret Murray who died in 1701 at Dumfries. Sir Robert and Nicola had 12 children.

James Stewart, 5th Earl of GallowaySir Robert’s daughter Nicola Grierson married James Stewart (2nd Earl of Galloway) born: circa 1610 and died: 1671. Nicola was his 2nd wife.

Alexander Stewart (3rd Earl of Galloway) was born: circa 1643 and died: 1690. He married Lady Mary Douglas daughter of James Douglas 2nd Earl of Queensbury and Lady Margaret Stewart.

Their younger son James Stewart (5th Earl of Galloway) was born: 1673 and died: 1746. He succeeded to the title of 5th Lord Garlies and 5th Earl of Galloway in September 1690. He held the office of a Commissioner of the Treasury [Scotland] from 1705 to 1706 and was invested as a Privy Counsellor (P.C.) [Scotland] in the same year. He married Catherine Montgomerie daughter of the 9th Earl of Eglinton born: circa 1679 died: circa 1757.

Winston Churchill AncestorsLt.-General Alexander Stewart (6th Earl of Galloway) Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland was born circa 1696 and died: 1773. He married Catherine Cochrane (Lady of Dundonald) born: circa 1709 died: 1786.

John Stewart (7th Earl of Galloway) was born 13 March 1736, died: 13 November 1806. He held the office of a Lord of the Bedchamber between 1784 and 1806. He married his second wife Anne Dashwood (of Kirtlington Oxford) on 13 June 1764. She was born 1743 and died:1830.

Lady Susan Stewart Born: 1767 died: 1841. On 15 September 1791 at St. James’s, London she married George Spencer-Churchill (5th Duke of Marlborough) born: 1766 died: 1840.

George Spencer-Churchill 6th Duke of MalboroughGeorge Spencer-Churchill (6th Duke of Marlborough) Born: 1793 died: 1857. He married Lady Jane Stewart born on 29 March 1798; the daughter of Admiral George Stewart, 8th Earl of Galloway. She died aged 46 in 1844.

John Winston and Lord Randolph Spencer-ChurchillJohn Winston Spencer-Churchill (7th Duke of Marlborough) was born: 1822 and died: 1883. He married Lady Frances Anne Emily Vane daughter of the 3rd Earl of Londonderry on 12th July 1843. She was born: 1822 and died: 1899.

Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill born: 1849 died: 1945 was the younger brother to the 8th Duke of Marlborough. On 15th April 1874 he married Jennie (Jeannette) Jerome an American citizen born in New York in 1854 and died 1921.

Clementine, Baroness Spencer-ChurchillWinston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace home of his Uncle the 8th Duke of Marlborough on 30 Nov 1874. He died: 24 Jan 1965 and is buried at Blaydon. He married Clementine Ogilvy Hozier on 12 September 1908. She died in 1967 at the age of 92.

Acknowledgement: Winston Churchill portrait (top right) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

Article by Mike Grierson, 2011




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