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The Grierson family

Grierson Arms

Welcome to the official home of the Grierson family.

The family name Grierson originates from the lowland area in Galloway and the Nith Valley, south-west Scotland.

There have been a number of variations of the name over the centuries, including Grersun, Grereson, Greresoun, Gresson, Greerson, Greirsone, Griersone, Greirson, Grayson, Grayrson, Grier, Griere, Greer, Grear and Greear. Today there are many families around the world who continue to bear variations of the name.

For anyone wishing to carry out genealogical studies, our Family Research page is a good place to start.

Sarah Grierson of Lag

“My family had it’s roots firmly in the area around Dumfries and Galloway and the name Grierson has now spread right across the world. From Scotland, Ireland and England, to Australia and New Zealand, to Canada, the USA, Argentina and South Africa. In the 20th Century, my own forefathers travelled around the world but always returned home to Britain. Our lineage can be traced for over 600 years back to Gilbert, Lord of Arde, the first recorded Grierson, who settled on the lands of Lag at the beginning of the 15th century.

hope that the our Grierson Family website will be one to which visitors, Griersons and non Griersons alike, will return again and again.”

Sarah Grierson of Lag